Friday, 20 April 2012

Dedicated to enmity7

We finally got together for some Mass Effect 3 multiplayer action. We've MPed before and it was a lot of fun, but it could only be more so with friends. Our fourth member was AWOL so we dared open our private match to the public. We figured whoever was unlucky enough to join, would either ragequit after a few minutes of our insanity and noobery, or fall madly in love with us.

We were fortunate enough to get the mighty enmity7. First of all, he showed up with his krogran, which earns instant respect. Despite all the giggling from the girls and the claims from Deacon that he was just supporting us special kids to make us feel good about ourselves, we didn't do all that badly and we guess it was enough to keep enmity around. Then he proved just how awesome he was when the three of us went down and he took on alllll of Cerberus for a good 10 minutes with us cheering him on in spectator mode.

He actually stayed with us for another round, but did not come as his krogan this time, which was clearly a mistake -- though, by now, he had earned so much of our love that he had automatic life insurance.We would all drop everything to raise him whenever he died. Fuck the mission! Save enmity7!

We're not sure what enmity7 thought of us in the end. He was silent for most of the time, only ordering us to his support once, and confirming his dudeness when we expressed uncertainty. And then he was gone, like the wind. We am currently working on my shrine in his honour.