Wednesday, 5 August 2015

D&D: Adventure Time

so that's basically AJ in the front probably missing everything and Wendy in the back all squatted down because that's the shortest thing in the picture and Deacon hiding behind between the pole and wall and you standing there yodeling for hit points or something

We all stayed that the Inn, a modest inn with nothing evil like a complete underground dungeon with dragon underneath it. Because you know that always happens in bad games and your Nephew isn't crap so he didn't bore us with that.

Instead, we split rooms. Dweezel and Selkini (Team 3ft) stayed in one room. And Asher and Xavros (Team Pretty People) stayed in the other.

During the night Asher and Xavros  listened to music and chatted about boy bands. Xavros played some emo stuff on the lute and did an acoustic cover of "Hey Ya." Asher went over Wu Tang Lyrics in his head and did some elven push ups or something.

Dweezel waited for Celkini to go to sleep then broke out his diary and wrote more notes. Then he tried to measure her but instead woke up her pet rat Ben. Being a larger rat than he has seen, he swings at it with his diary, misses and Ben counter attacks. Most likely to protect Celkini. The racket woke her up and she in the sweetest way possible scolded him.

Sleep was eventually had and they set out the next morning.

As Celkini showed where the altercation occurred, they found a trap in its place and no real evidence of a scuffle. Asher took to the trees and discovered a cave nearby. His expert scouting sighted guardian goblins.

The group planned to take them on, but as they planned they were forced to move faster. Asher attempted to take out the guard that moved closer to them but was sidestepped and nudged with an expert flourish as Xavros took him down in one shot. Celkini showed her expert skill and knocked the other one unconscious with a blow dart.

They quickly tied him up and dragged him to cover and Dweezel attempted to charm him and get him on their side. However, even charmed by magic, he did not speak common and the party moved on. They took him into the cave as a shield and listened to Celkini's information, but only partially.

Once in the cave they move a few feet in before smelling fire. Celkini warned of wolves and bugbear in the darkness somewhere. Sensing trouble, Xavros reached into his Bardic heritage and the teachings of the Great Bard Dolemite and recited inspiring phrases before a battle to several in the group. The group then attempted to draw other enemies into the room by using the goblin as bait. It partially worked and some noises are heard. They readied for attack.

Celkini and Asher moved further towards a river but Asher was too fast. Out of sight he quickly dispatched an enemy and with a display of insane strength, punched through its chest. This is not seen by anyone. From his view point he saw more goblins and yelled out. Celkini warned him of trouble and he returned into view of Dweezel and Xavros.

Just as he made it back into sight, a great woosh is heard seemingly from the small creek that runs the length and out of the cave. A goblin is washed away at a super fast speed as the group watches. Now Celkini's flailed warnings made sense.

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