Sunday, 12 June 2016

DnD: Turn Down for What?

While resting and recuperating at the store that the heroes broke into, Asher and Celkini have a slight moral crisis over leaving the children behind. Meanwhile, Dweezil organizes their inventory, generously helping himself to the supplies from the store including: 3 Backpacks 1 pouches of chalk, 2 weeks of rations, rope, caltrops, pot, tinder box, lock picks, and "small" German child. Then they all rest, leaving Ben on guard.

A short while later, the door opens and two Red Brands, disguised as guards, enter the shop, waking everyone up. Ben reports back and the team quickly decides to lure them into the backroom. Celkini makes noise while the others hide, with Asher and Akilah on either side of the door. When the door opens, Celkini smiles, asking the two guards to help her acquire the box on a higher shelf, but the second guard makes no move to enter. Akilah attacks the first, dropping the first guard to his knees. Asher shoves the guy aside to take on the other guard, but that guy's a ninja and manages to catch Asher's punch and toss his arm away. Meanwhile, Dweezil lines up a shot to finish off the first guard, but Celkini leaps in with a kill steal and vaults over the now dead guy to slide between Asher and the other guard's legs and go for the back of his knees with her newly acquired short sword. But with preternatural skill, he blocks her attack. Akilah steps in with a sword straight through this jerk's heart.

They go through the guard's pockets and find nothing, but Xavros scores 28 gold from the cash register. Celkini gets upset because this isn't what heroes are supposed to do. Dweezil and Akilah explain that sometimes, you have to make the tough decisions for the greater good. The gold they are taking will help them live to fight another day. They leave the house through the back door, exiting the town through the dawn shadows. Unfortunately, Akilah forgot to tie her shoelaces, but thankfully, her clumsiness did not affect their stealth.
They stick to the trees until things are clear, then continue on the road that had led them to Phandelver. They decide to return to Neverwinter, where the trouble started for many of them. Xavros tells them tales of the great city, while composing a new song about this new mercenary hero band's adventures while Celkini chats away non-stop as she unsuccessfully forages for plants.

After walking all day, they make camp. With their new kitchen aid tools, Celkini insists on cooking them dinner, which is just barely palatable, but they go to sleep with  leaving Dweezil on watch with a perception roll of 5. All seems quiet until he feels two little stings and looks up to find some strange little flying things.

Dweezil is bitten again and again and starts to feel very drained. He slaps and kills one of these strange ugly little creatures and then runs to wake Celkini. The others start to stir. Dweezil tries to blame their appearance on Ben, but Celkini giggles, recognizing the creatures as sturge.

Dweezil's looking pretty drained by now, with one hanging off of his neck. Xavros steps in and grabs it, while Asher tries to attack another, but the little things are nimble in the air.One gets its stinger into the monk. Celkini removes the one attached to her, and it flies into the air. Akilah finishes it off with a mighty roll of 1. Celkini cures Dweezil, even though he insulted her friend. Celkini tries and fails to make some Deep Woods Off, so they just settle in for some much needed rest.

When they finally get to Neverwinter, Dweezil has plans to outsource the group's remaining quests to unsuspecting noobs...