Saturday, 19 January 2013

Honor of the Waves

Eir is upset and suicidal. We must save her from herself! After a short slaughter of Sons of Svanir to get to the dungeon, we hopped in and slaughtered some more. We are pleased to report that Eir learned her Sesame Street lesson and is no longer whining and plans to kill dragons with us.

Also, Digitaltempest finally got to be a kodan and then we re-enacted scenes from Deep Blue Sea.

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Deacon and Nightxade worked on their attempt at 100%ing the world map. They took to Devona's Rest Borderlands, died very few times, and killed a few invaders. We also managed to capture a location and claim it in the mighty name of Glitterbomb. Let the chickens and spiders that live near this outpost forever praise the sparkling snail emblem of glory.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sorrow's Embrace

Deacon, Butter Rum and Nightxade trekked through Dredge in Sorrow's Embrace to help Zojja do.. something. Along the way, Caithe whine, Eir flounced and we noticed some peculiar coincidences:

  1. Deacon does not die nearly as often when Digitaltempest is not around.
  2. We do not end up with assholes on the team when Digitaltempest is not around.
Otherwise, a rather pleasant run, if "pleasant" can be used to describe dungeons. We did not suffer from ridiculous death and did not spend too much money on Priory repairs. This may or may not be a trap to lure us into a trying Explore Mode...

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

This is how we new year!

"Wanna kill some stuff?" said Nightxade. "Sure!" replied Digitaltempest. "Just let me finish decorating myself with my new fancy white dye that I don't need to sell because I'm rich, bitches!" (paraphrased).

Then they went on a violent romp through Sparkfly Fen, cleaning out all those pesky undead, pausing to steal some platinum from a Champion Spider and her babies, swimming with a Champion Risen Megalodon.

And then, on their "just one more waypoint before bed" moments, they decided they needed to add a dragon to the count.

So they did.