Sunday, 27 September 2015

Bugbear Negotiations

Celkini and Asher come upon a bugbear, named Clark, who is holding a battered human precariously over the edge of a tall rock face. At Celkini's scream, the others join them and try to find a way to convince the bugbear to let the human go. Xavros offers him a thousand gold, but Clark doesn't believe them and orders one person to go out and get this gold. Dweezil heads back to the cache of weapons and supplies to retrieve the treasure chest they'd found there.

Meanwhile, Ben took it upon himself to sneak up and attack the goblin that was set to kill Celkini. A sharp, traumatic bite to the eyeball took out that goblin, but the bugbear, then further angered, tossed the human to the ground. Celkini bravely tried to save the large human, but decided against it. The man fell unconscious and Celkini tried to stabilize him while Asher ran up to the bugbear but almost succumbed to the brutal monster's attack. Ben leaped in to try to distract the bugbear but his attack did little. Asher managed to get away and then was healed by Xavros and Celkini's OHIP coverage.

Chaos ensues and Xavros ran back to tell Dweezil to return. Attacking a bugbear was a bad idea. The beast does its best to destroy our intrepid heroes, and Dweezil helps it along with some friendly fire. Their attempt to rescue the unconscious man results in losing Xavros as well because Dweezil hit him in the back. Celkini failed to hurt the bugbear with a bottle of acid, but Asher was able to grab Xavros and pull him away. Unable to save the unconscious but stable human, the heroes decided escape was their only hope, though they would have no proof of their discovery save for their battle wounds. Dweezil takes one in the face and goes down. After the events of a few weeks ago, Celkini decides it's not worth her time to go back for Dweezil. With Xavros on his back, Asher runs across the bridge and Celkini follows. Ben hops out of her backpack and gnaws the bridge ropes, causing Clark the bugbear to fall into the water below. Celkini and Asher take advantage of the bugbear's stunned state to drown it, leaving it unconscious in the water.

Asher returned to Dweezil's side, and in an epic moment of inspiration, stabilizes Dweezil.
With the bugbear out of commission, the heroes are able to retrieve the human, whom Celkini recognized as the warrior that had accompanied the dwarf who charged her with the transportation of his goods, though the dwarf himself was nowhere in sight. Severely wounded, the group headed back to town, intent on returning to retrieve the goods and obtain their reward and clear Celkini's name.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

50 Shades of Swarthy

The city of Mulmaster.

Our cloistered and somewhat naive Sehr makes his way to Mulmaster at the urging of his order. They have convinced him to go there for a great quest that his recently deceased head Abbot would have wanted.

He ends up in a tavern, the Jolly Jacker, preaching at the drunken crowd as Helm moves upon the altar of his heart.

Apparently Helm takes Tuesday's off and his speech was not getting the response he expected. The tea colored Cleric is pleased when a distraction comes.

A loud horn sounds in the bay and draws attention to a war sloop entering the harbor. It houses a very small gunship, which would allow to engage in battle, but it was built for speed and capacity rather than combat. Any pirate worth their ilk owned a war sloop. They were fast, even without wind, thanks to their oars, making them a highly maneuverable in the seas. They make moving cargo a simple enough task even when pursued--along with other "enterprising" jobs a crew might take.


It sails into the port, waving the black flag of the associated with the Devil-Dragon corsairs. The sigil on the black and crimson sails sports the skull of a dragon with twin draggers behind it instead of crossbones.

Sehr recognizes this ship as a symbol from his order. It is proof that he is in the right place. He continues preaching As they walk in. His dusky skin in contrast to his pale robes would stand out if the place wasn't so packed.

The cacao colored Pirate Rogue Queen of the Sword Coast enters with her first mate the Air Genasi.
Drinking gambling and fighting pauses for a second then pick back up. Sehr is distracted as he sees recognizable holy symbols carved into the Genasi. Another sign Helm is with him.

The Pirates approach the bar and order drinks. The bartender pours her a glass of "The Creature" and ignores her holy friend. The drink promptly stuns our sturdy sea lass of oven toasted complexion.

Sehr approaches and begins conversation but is cut short when a drunken Half-Orc bumps into Mielik. He insults him and before words turn to blows, Sehr attempts to soothe the altercation. He fails and the drunken half-Orc spits the biggest loogie possible before the inebriated mocha touched pirate can react. Rather than fight he shows his version of respect to the holy man and offers a game of 3-dice instead.

As they move to play in the back, another bar patron, a halfling with a gloved hand approaches and wishes to coin in. He sweetens the pot with two gold coins.

Not trusting each other the three all put in a dice from those personal sets and Sehr plays with them. Apparently the holy man has a not so holy affinity for games of chance.
After a hand the halfling chats up our umber pirate queen and questions her about being in town without paying respect to the thieves guild first. He rebukes the half-Orc who offers no fight. The halfling reminds the pirate to be safe as he leaves with a large pot of coin. Sehr and Mielik notice Ayita pocket a coin as well but say nothing.

Across the way Mielik notices a table and guest and gathers this must be their contact.

He introduces himself as Mr. Crawl and half interviews the trio. He mistakes Sehr as a member of the crew and invites him over.
After they somewhat explain why they are good for the job Mr. Crawl agrees to proceed and wants to meet them at an address after nightfall.

He leaves and the trio retire to the Mephisto's Rage until the sun goes down.

1000 for completion

300 sehr's preaching
200 Sehr attempt to persuade

200 stealing at the dice game
200 for role playing drunk.
100 for the worst description of a ship ever.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Sehrathion Surion

Sehrathion Surion (Sehr) is a Cleric and a super devout worshipper of Helm who believes that (A) he's a chosen one of his deity, and (B) that he's actually a High Elf noble.

The truth is, his wood elf mom had a one night stand with a drunken high elf who is some distant cousin of the noble house of Surion. His mother was killed by goblins when he was a baby, but one goblin took pity on him and spared his life, raising him as her own and teaching him goblin ways. A priest of Helm came upon the child one day and believing him under attack from the goblins, slew them. Sehr was distraught, but the priest, who had also noticed the scar on the boys leg which looks very much like the symbol of Helm, started filling the kid's head with all sorts of Chosen One talk. He also had some sort of ID on him that linked him back to House Surion. The priest took him there and discovered the truth about Sehr's dad's not so noble self. The Surion family wanted nothing to do with this filthy goblin raised half-breed bastard, but the priest convinced them of the child's special status. The Surions were skeptical, but as Sehr grew in his training and devotion to Helm, they decided that he was indeed a good representative of their name (though Sehr himself doesn't know the truth of his origins. He knows about the goblins, but he most certainly would not speak of that.) and are now the biggest supporters (if not actual believers) of Sehr's temple. Sehr quickly rose in ranks, with his priest guardian always doting on him and keeping him on this pedestal. His compatriates pretty much hate him and his utter concept. He knows everything about Helm and his supposed god-touched status does make him very charismatic -- lots of followers like to hear his sermons -- but the other acolytes are all *eye roll* over his obvious conceit (he's even made Helm pamphlets with images of himself all over it). When the old high priest died, Sehr was to replace him, but for several months, the other acolytes had begun a campaign to trick Sehr into believing that Helm had a mission for him. A calling that would lead him away from the temple on a pilgrimage. They leave signs, whisper in his ear at night...

Sehr walks with a quarterstaff that can be used as a weapon, but is mostly for looking awesome. He wears bright white robes with gold trim and the symbol of Helm on the chest. They have  a long slit on one side so that at convenient moments, he can display his god-touched scar. Just like this:

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Bardic Inspiration

This week in DnD, Deacon claimed that he killed all these orcs, but in truth, it was all AJ. AJ killed them all while Deacon hid behind a barrel.
Meanwhile, Xavros and Celkini had some trouble climbing up the steep hill.

When they finally reached the top, plans had to be adjusted.  Unfortunately, Deacon's air conditioning attacked and his computer overheated

Wendy: "Now to make Deacon heal me... .... ... HE HAS NO HEALING SPELLS!"

Brandon: "That can't be... oh... he *doesn't* have any healing spells... That's not good..."

Me: "LAWL. Scumbag bard will heal you."

And now Tiara will recap the rest of the adventure:

Then, I actually did a dramatic Shakespearian bardic cure wounds spell on her and gave her more bardic inspiration for her trouble of not being healed by the healing cleric...

Before that, we'd moved north out of the crate room after deciding that we should just slaughter everything and come back for the crates because too much stuff to carry. Encountered another goblin in the dam like area where Wendy got hit pretty good by the goblin while Bard and Cleric hung out in the back like scumbags and Asher used flurry of blows on it and Wendy was like "Imma make Deacon heal me." Then, we kept moving saw one Goblin on the bridge, he ran away. Saw another under the bridge area, he ran under the bridge and around which I think would've led him to behind us eventually, so maybe she did a good thing letting you take this task alone. You held the line. But she didn't decide to make you hold the line until she realized you couldn't heal. LOL.

She pretty much saved you from the goblin she set you up to get killed by, though. I think she only did that because it missed hitting you and there was no point in prolonging that joke of a fight because you missed, too. So she shot it with a blow dart or something, and knocked it unconscious and allowed you to curbstomp it's windpipe to be sure it wouldn't get back up. She was only really half-trying, but still helped in the end. Then, tried to leave you behind again because Asher and Celkini were anxious to go running ahead. Or well, I was being AJ. He wouldn't just let anyone go ahead without him. I actually was gonna have him come help you at first, but Brandon was like you'd have to jump down or go back... NEVERMIND. ONWARDS (after she saved you)! Then, Celkini and Asher ran ahead while Bard kinda meandered behind... LOL. We learned that Asher is probably psychic when I mistook Wendy's token for an unconscious body, but then, we actually ran up on a Bugbear holding a person hostage. So, we stopped there because we guessed everyone's input was probably needed.

It was kinda funny because she kept foiling your death with her own half-assed attempts to look like she was trying to keep you alive. I'm just saying. Scumbag ranger. The whole team is trash except AJ.You mean other than the fact that Wendy literally tried to murder you because you couldn't heal and you still wouldn't die? She literally split you up from the group in the direction a lone goblin ran in... This literally happened. LOL. Then, she was going to make you stay behind and be the rear guard while everyone else crossed the bridge thing (you were sort of under the bridge rather on top with the rest of us) until Brandon was like, "You can wait for him..." He saved you. You weren't getting out of that cave alive. It was diabolical. See she brought up that damn rope she was concerned about like she really cared. She cared about the rope because she knows we plan to come back and get all those crates, not you."