Sunday, 15 January 2017

D&D: I Got A Bad Feeling About This

After a long hiatus, our heroes return. Our DM warned that we should get our level up affairs in order before proceeding further. We interpreted that to mean this is a save point and there's a boss battle around the corner.
Celkini, Akilah, and Dweezil head further into the building but find nothing in the back room or at the back of the building. Dweezil continues sketching the town as the go along. Celkini skips along toward the tower. Akilah tries to keep up and stop her from getting into trouble, but the little gnome is on her usual adrenaline high after the ash zombie fight.

They find a large statue of a warrior bearing a sword and shield. Dweezil refers to his notes but finds no information on the figure. Celkini continues running in and out of the buildings, until she finds one filled with branches. After their earlier twig blight battle, Celkini takes the initiative and smashes some of the twig piles with her hammers. Her actions rouse the other twigs and they start to attack. Dweezil tries to pull her back, but she's being feisty and wants to fight. Akilah manages to pull her away.
Celkini runs off, leading them into the safety of the barracks. Only, the sound of moaning has them turn around to find ash zombies rising up. Celkini attacks, forgetting that they release blinding ash with each hit. She strikes with her daggers, but her successful hits result in blindness for both her and Ben. Akilah attacks with her longsword, but it gets stuck in the monster's body. Dweezil's attack knocks a zombie down and its leg breaks off as it falls. Celkini flails at her zombie with her daggers, but it knocks one from her hand. Ben follows up with a bite, but the zombie still lives. It misses her as she flails blindly around it. Akilah catches her second wind while the fallen zombie tries to climb up Dweezil, but Dweezil is able to finally kill one of them. It bursts into ash. Celkini continues to flail and fail, while Akilah chops up her zombie, limb by limb. Dweezil opts to attack instead of curing an ailing Celkini. A bolt of light shoots through the monster and it explodes. Akilah moves to finish off the one crawling along the ground, but Celkini leaps in front of her, stumbles, and lands awkwardly on the zombie. It explodes and Celkini takes further damage.

"We are going to have a word," Akilah says, shaking her head.

After the struggle, they dust themselves off and decide to hold up for the evening in the barracks discussing Red Sonja.

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