Friday, 5 April 2013

Super Happy Fun Adventure Time Ball Box Time!

We were supposed to check out Guild Missions but got swept away with other adventures thanks to Moto and his new Super Adventure Box! We traded in our tokens and sat down with the princess, only to have her stolen away by the evil bad guy! Anita Sarkeesian is going to be so mad!

What did we do first with our pointy sticks? Why we killed innocent bunnies of course! We bounced our way through the pixel place and eventually succeeded in defeating world one. I am pretty sure none of us expected this damn dungeon to be so damn hard. Somewhere along the way, Deacon wondered how we'd ever achieved such victories decades ago

We didn't get far into World 2, with Nightxade tapping out first, and the others succumbing to the wrath of raft ninjas and crocodiles.

But we weren't done yet! Nightxade told Digitaltempest about a handsome new norn in town so of course we had to check him out. Unfortunately, Rytlocke wanted to see us first...

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