Friday, 10 May 2013

Flame (and Frost) On!

The Guild Wars 2 "Living Story" is coming to an end. We decided to do our part to help Braham and Rox unravel the mystery and stop the molten collaborative from doing whatever burny things they are doing. venturing into the depths with pickaxes in hand, we successfully got all the way to the final bosses, but, despite some reeeeeally close moments, we could not pull off a victory.

Finally, we had to be adults and call it a night, with Deacon tapping out first. On a whim, Nightxade decided to go on a  suicide mission to solo the bosses herself. Turns out that draw-in has a wide range. Not ones to turn down the challenge, Nizzo, Digitaltempest and Butter Rum gave it their all anyway and -- well the stars must have been aligned right or something because KUH-BAM! Oh the sweet smell of smoldering victory!

Too bad Deacon missed out.

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