Sunday, 6 September 2015

Bardic Inspiration

This week in DnD, Deacon claimed that he killed all these orcs, but in truth, it was all AJ. AJ killed them all while Deacon hid behind a barrel.
Meanwhile, Xavros and Celkini had some trouble climbing up the steep hill.

When they finally reached the top, plans had to be adjusted.  Unfortunately, Deacon's air conditioning attacked and his computer overheated

Wendy: "Now to make Deacon heal me... .... ... HE HAS NO HEALING SPELLS!"

Brandon: "That can't be... oh... he *doesn't* have any healing spells... That's not good..."

Me: "LAWL. Scumbag bard will heal you."

And now Tiara will recap the rest of the adventure:

Then, I actually did a dramatic Shakespearian bardic cure wounds spell on her and gave her more bardic inspiration for her trouble of not being healed by the healing cleric...

Before that, we'd moved north out of the crate room after deciding that we should just slaughter everything and come back for the crates because too much stuff to carry. Encountered another goblin in the dam like area where Wendy got hit pretty good by the goblin while Bard and Cleric hung out in the back like scumbags and Asher used flurry of blows on it and Wendy was like "Imma make Deacon heal me." Then, we kept moving saw one Goblin on the bridge, he ran away. Saw another under the bridge area, he ran under the bridge and around which I think would've led him to behind us eventually, so maybe she did a good thing letting you take this task alone. You held the line. But she didn't decide to make you hold the line until she realized you couldn't heal. LOL.

She pretty much saved you from the goblin she set you up to get killed by, though. I think she only did that because it missed hitting you and there was no point in prolonging that joke of a fight because you missed, too. So she shot it with a blow dart or something, and knocked it unconscious and allowed you to curbstomp it's windpipe to be sure it wouldn't get back up. She was only really half-trying, but still helped in the end. Then, tried to leave you behind again because Asher and Celkini were anxious to go running ahead. Or well, I was being AJ. He wouldn't just let anyone go ahead without him. I actually was gonna have him come help you at first, but Brandon was like you'd have to jump down or go back... NEVERMIND. ONWARDS (after she saved you)! Then, Celkini and Asher ran ahead while Bard kinda meandered behind... LOL. We learned that Asher is probably psychic when I mistook Wendy's token for an unconscious body, but then, we actually ran up on a Bugbear holding a person hostage. So, we stopped there because we guessed everyone's input was probably needed.

It was kinda funny because she kept foiling your death with her own half-assed attempts to look like she was trying to keep you alive. I'm just saying. Scumbag ranger. The whole team is trash except AJ.You mean other than the fact that Wendy literally tried to murder you because you couldn't heal and you still wouldn't die? She literally split you up from the group in the direction a lone goblin ran in... This literally happened. LOL. Then, she was going to make you stay behind and be the rear guard while everyone else crossed the bridge thing (you were sort of under the bridge rather on top with the rest of us) until Brandon was like, "You can wait for him..." He saved you. You weren't getting out of that cave alive. It was diabolical. See she brought up that damn rope she was concerned about like she really cared. She cared about the rope because she knows we plan to come back and get all those crates, not you."
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