Sunday, 15 May 2016

DnD: A Voice in the Dark

Asher and Akeelah head back toward the prison in hopes of retrieving a body to feed whatever lies in the depths. There are clearly no ethical concerns in this matter. Dweezil follows to pick the lock to the weapons storage that the voice told them about. In the room, they find weapons and dirty red cloaks. The three gather some weapons--5 short swords, 2 crossbors, 2 quivers, 160 bolts, 12 long swords, and one stank ass cloak. Asher moves on to the next room where the drauger are waiting. Too bad we all forgot about the voice's warning about the drauger ignoring those wearing the red robes, which means Asher has to fight. The first skeleton strikes true. Asher retaliates and dodges the attack of the second drauger, but the third hits hard, leaving him with a festering wound. Akilah rushes in wearing the red cloak which causes the drauger to stop and sheath their weapons. The three head over to the prison. Asher explains what has happened and Dweezil considers donning a cloak to see if he can be greedy. They get to the safety of the hallway and Akilah continues on to the prison area. She grabs the body, but the young boy has woken up and asks to be rescued. Guilt +40. Akilah grudgingly tells him and his mother and other child to go into the hallway to discuss this with her companions. Dweezil is annoyed, but agrees since the mother has promised the wealth of her family heirloom. He leads them into the weapons room and tries to ditch them there, but they are too fast for his little dwarf legs.

"Aren't you heroes?" the mother asks, threatening to call the guards.

"No," Akilah and Dweezil reply. Dweezil kills the mother and locks the kids in the weapons room.
"She should have listened," says Akilah tersely.

Had Asher not been in festering pain, he probably would have disagreed with this decision. Instead, he grudgingly wraps the red cloak he took from the body Akilah carries tighter around himself.

They return to Celkini and Xavros and feed the body to the voice. It thanks them and shows them a vision of the exit to the south. There's no dilly dallying. The team heads south, coming out into the town. They decide to rest up at the store. The window is conveniently open and they climb in quietly without alerting the guards. Asher stands guard while the others scavenge food and supplies.

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