Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Sehrathion Surion

Sehrathion Surion (Sehr) is a Cleric and a super devout worshipper of Helm who believes that (A) he's a chosen one of his deity, and (B) that he's actually a High Elf noble.

The truth is, his wood elf mom had a one night stand with a drunken high elf who is some distant cousin of the noble house of Surion. His mother was killed by goblins when he was a baby, but one goblin took pity on him and spared his life, raising him as her own and teaching him goblin ways. A priest of Helm came upon the child one day and believing him under attack from the goblins, slew them. Sehr was distraught, but the priest, who had also noticed the scar on the boys leg which looks very much like the symbol of Helm, started filling the kid's head with all sorts of Chosen One talk. He also had some sort of ID on him that linked him back to House Surion. The priest took him there and discovered the truth about Sehr's dad's not so noble self. The Surion family wanted nothing to do with this filthy goblin raised half-breed bastard, but the priest convinced them of the child's special status. The Surions were skeptical, but as Sehr grew in his training and devotion to Helm, they decided that he was indeed a good representative of their name (though Sehr himself doesn't know the truth of his origins. He knows about the goblins, but he most certainly would not speak of that.) and are now the biggest supporters (if not actual believers) of Sehr's temple. Sehr quickly rose in ranks, with his priest guardian always doting on him and keeping him on this pedestal. His compatriates pretty much hate him and his utter concept. He knows everything about Helm and his supposed god-touched status does make him very charismatic -- lots of followers like to hear his sermons -- but the other acolytes are all *eye roll* over his obvious conceit (he's even made Helm pamphlets with images of himself all over it). When the old high priest died, Sehr was to replace him, but for several months, the other acolytes had begun a campaign to trick Sehr into believing that Helm had a mission for him. A calling that would lead him away from the temple on a pilgrimage. They leave signs, whisper in his ear at night...

Sehr walks with a quarterstaff that can be used as a weapon, but is mostly for looking awesome. He wears bright white robes with gold trim and the symbol of Helm on the chest. They have  a long slit on one side so that at convenient moments, he can display his god-touched scar. Just like this:

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