Wednesday, 9 September 2015

50 Shades of Swarthy

The city of Mulmaster.

Our cloistered and somewhat naive Sehr makes his way to Mulmaster at the urging of his order. They have convinced him to go there for a great quest that his recently deceased head Abbot would have wanted.

He ends up in a tavern, the Jolly Jacker, preaching at the drunken crowd as Helm moves upon the altar of his heart.

Apparently Helm takes Tuesday's off and his speech was not getting the response he expected. The tea colored Cleric is pleased when a distraction comes.

A loud horn sounds in the bay and draws attention to a war sloop entering the harbor. It houses a very small gunship, which would allow to engage in battle, but it was built for speed and capacity rather than combat. Any pirate worth their ilk owned a war sloop. They were fast, even without wind, thanks to their oars, making them a highly maneuverable in the seas. They make moving cargo a simple enough task even when pursued--along with other "enterprising" jobs a crew might take.


It sails into the port, waving the black flag of the associated with the Devil-Dragon corsairs. The sigil on the black and crimson sails sports the skull of a dragon with twin draggers behind it instead of crossbones.

Sehr recognizes this ship as a symbol from his order. It is proof that he is in the right place. He continues preaching As they walk in. His dusky skin in contrast to his pale robes would stand out if the place wasn't so packed.

The cacao colored Pirate Rogue Queen of the Sword Coast enters with her first mate the Air Genasi.
Drinking gambling and fighting pauses for a second then pick back up. Sehr is distracted as he sees recognizable holy symbols carved into the Genasi. Another sign Helm is with him.

The Pirates approach the bar and order drinks. The bartender pours her a glass of "The Creature" and ignores her holy friend. The drink promptly stuns our sturdy sea lass of oven toasted complexion.

Sehr approaches and begins conversation but is cut short when a drunken Half-Orc bumps into Mielik. He insults him and before words turn to blows, Sehr attempts to soothe the altercation. He fails and the drunken half-Orc spits the biggest loogie possible before the inebriated mocha touched pirate can react. Rather than fight he shows his version of respect to the holy man and offers a game of 3-dice instead.

As they move to play in the back, another bar patron, a halfling with a gloved hand approaches and wishes to coin in. He sweetens the pot with two gold coins.

Not trusting each other the three all put in a dice from those personal sets and Sehr plays with them. Apparently the holy man has a not so holy affinity for games of chance.
After a hand the halfling chats up our umber pirate queen and questions her about being in town without paying respect to the thieves guild first. He rebukes the half-Orc who offers no fight. The halfling reminds the pirate to be safe as he leaves with a large pot of coin. Sehr and Mielik notice Ayita pocket a coin as well but say nothing.

Across the way Mielik notices a table and guest and gathers this must be their contact.

He introduces himself as Mr. Crawl and half interviews the trio. He mistakes Sehr as a member of the crew and invites him over.
After they somewhat explain why they are good for the job Mr. Crawl agrees to proceed and wants to meet them at an address after nightfall.

He leaves and the trio retire to the Mephisto's Rage until the sun goes down.

1000 for completion

300 sehr's preaching
200 Sehr attempt to persuade

200 stealing at the dice game
200 for role playing drunk.
100 for the worst description of a ship ever.
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