Sunday, 27 September 2015

Bugbear Negotiations

Celkini and Asher come upon a bugbear, named Clark, who is holding a battered human precariously over the edge of a tall rock face. At Celkini's scream, the others join them and try to find a way to convince the bugbear to let the human go. Xavros offers him a thousand gold, but Clark doesn't believe them and orders one person to go out and get this gold. Dweezil heads back to the cache of weapons and supplies to retrieve the treasure chest they'd found there.

Meanwhile, Ben took it upon himself to sneak up and attack the goblin that was set to kill Celkini. A sharp, traumatic bite to the eyeball took out that goblin, but the bugbear, then further angered, tossed the human to the ground. Celkini bravely tried to save the large human, but decided against it. The man fell unconscious and Celkini tried to stabilize him while Asher ran up to the bugbear but almost succumbed to the brutal monster's attack. Ben leaped in to try to distract the bugbear but his attack did little. Asher managed to get away and then was healed by Xavros and Celkini's OHIP coverage.

Chaos ensues and Xavros ran back to tell Dweezil to return. Attacking a bugbear was a bad idea. The beast does its best to destroy our intrepid heroes, and Dweezil helps it along with some friendly fire. Their attempt to rescue the unconscious man results in losing Xavros as well because Dweezil hit him in the back. Celkini failed to hurt the bugbear with a bottle of acid, but Asher was able to grab Xavros and pull him away. Unable to save the unconscious but stable human, the heroes decided escape was their only hope, though they would have no proof of their discovery save for their battle wounds. Dweezil takes one in the face and goes down. After the events of a few weeks ago, Celkini decides it's not worth her time to go back for Dweezil. With Xavros on his back, Asher runs across the bridge and Celkini follows. Ben hops out of her backpack and gnaws the bridge ropes, causing Clark the bugbear to fall into the water below. Celkini and Asher take advantage of the bugbear's stunned state to drown it, leaving it unconscious in the water.

Asher returned to Dweezil's side, and in an epic moment of inspiration, stabilizes Dweezil.
With the bugbear out of commission, the heroes are able to retrieve the human, whom Celkini recognized as the warrior that had accompanied the dwarf who charged her with the transportation of his goods, though the dwarf himself was nowhere in sight. Severely wounded, the group headed back to town, intent on returning to retrieve the goods and obtain their reward and clear Celkini's name.
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